Hodowla Myszy Rasowych Rodentarium, Wroc?aw
About Us


Founded: The Rodentarium Mousery registered at 30.V.2011 on number 73/2011 by the Borad of Polish Mouse Club.

Location: Wroc?aw (Lower Silesia, Poland)

Breeds: We are planing to breed mostyl mouse with shorthair (sh), longhair (lh) and satin(s), less the astrex (a). We do not plan breed hairless mice, also rosette (rst) and fuzzy. 

Variations: Rodentarium will focus on a Tan&Fox mouse group, especially on varietes as Dove Tan, Silver Tan, Champagne Tan. Given the rather complicated genetics and the possibility of interbreeding of different colors, in the breed will scroll the various varietes of different groups, not only Tan&Fox, but also Self, Shaded, Ticked. Frequently will appear black, blue, chocolate, PEW and agouti.

At the begining of 2012, we decided to start the adventure witch red/fawn recessive mice. Especially the form of satin and longhair.

Plans: The main breed goal is to create a homozygotus lines of lhs dove tan and shs silver tan. Also keeping and betterment the line of red/fawn recessive and standardize variety of English Gold.


Mail: weidau @ gmail.com
GG: 1100384